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Meet Our Staff


Ossi Nussbaum


Ossi has been serving as JTC director since August 2020. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Tel Aviv University and a Master of Arts Degree from Bar Ilan University in Israel, both in Political Science. From 1997 through 2013, she taught in the Social Sciences department at the Open University in Israel. Ossi also coordinated the activities of the leaning skills department in the Ra’anana campus and designed curriculums for workshops and individual instructions. She trained teachers in the university on writing lesson plans and providing meaningful learning experience.

Ossi is passionate about teaching and believes that teens should be challenged and inspired as much as possible. She designs JTC’s courses with acknowledgment of the large scope of Jewish culture and traditions, with consideration of the diverse society we live in, and with a desire to equip students with learning experiences that will benefit them in different ways.   

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