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Other Electives

Jewish Movements and Identities

A look into the development of the different Jewish movements over time, and a focus on the Jewish communities in the USA. The class will touch the core values of Conservative Judaism in comparison to the Orthodox, Reform and Reconstructionist movements. The class will explore different ways to practice Judaism and let the students think and reflect on their Jewish identity.

Judaism and other Religions

A comparative look into Judaism and the other monotheistic religions, Christianity and Islam. The students will understand the origins of each religion, the shared values, and the main differences between them. For this course we partnered with Interfaith Philadelphia, and with their help our teens will have the opportunities to meet other teens from different religious denominations and get to learn from them about the place of their religion in their lives and how it impacts their identity.

Modern Israel – History, Politics, and Society

This course will provide the students with a better understanding of the complexities that characterize the state of Israel. From the main historic events that led to the declaration of independence, through the formation of the state, the developmental decades and until current days, we will focus on the diverse communities that live in Israel and the social and political rifts between them, but also the common denominators and the ways the Israelis found to bridge the gaps. We will equip the students with the right knowledge so they can deal with the criticism and be able to advocate for Israel.

Tanach – Is it relevant today?

This class will expose the students to some of the most interesting and challenging biblical stories. The students will learn the plots, get to know the characters, understand the ideas and values encrypted in those stories, and discuss their relevance for our lives today.

Teen Topical issues through a Jewish Lens

Privacy; social media insults; cheating on an exam; school violence; dating; LGBTQ orientations are some of the topics the students will explore in this course. This will be a safe space for students to share their thoughts and beliefs, and to study about Jewish ethics and the core values surrounding those issues.

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