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Grade Level Courses

8th grade – "My Jewish Roots"

This class is designed to provide a better and deeper understanding of Jewish topics, through research of the student’s personal story. The students will learn about great Jewish events and Jewish figures, uncover some biblical stories and expand their Hebrew while researching their own name and family name. They will learn about the Hebrew calendar in reference to their birthdate and some important dates in Jewish history. They will look at their own family’s stories, traditions and values, and will be exposed to some Jewish masterpieces, while learning Judaism is not just a religion, but also a very rich culture. They will reflect on becoming B'nei/B'not mitzvah and learn more about the concept of “Tikkun Olam”.

9th grade – "The Voice of Ethics"

The aim of this class is to deepen the students’ knowledge and understanding of Jewish Ethics.  They will learn about our sacred texts, Jewish Halacha, Rabbinic interpretations and contemporary debates, and use them to analyze personal, social and global topics through a Jewish lens. The students will learn that Judaism encourages “Mahloket” (disagreement), and that plural interpretations of the Torah have been the core of Jewish tradition. They will learn to distinguish between a disagreement for the sake of Heaven and a disagreement not for the sake of Heaven, and how to disagree in a “Jewish way”.

10th grade – "My Jewish Way"

This class is designed to lead the students to their confirmation at the end of the school year. The students will meet with our synagogues Rabbis to think and discuss their role in the world, not just through their other identities, but through their Jewish one in particular, and the responsibility it entails. The class will dive into theological questions, such as the place of God, free will or fate, and ethical topics such as “Lashon Hara” or “Geneivat Da’at” and more. Students will touch problematic areas in Judaism, confront their beliefs and be allowed skepticism, as part of a path to understanding the place of Judaism in their lives.

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